Junior High – What can we do to encourage creativity and

What can we do to encourage creativity and create a safe learning environment? I will present three activities that I will use with my students to help them thrive. To encourage and foster creativity in the classroom, it is important to have clear and well-structured goals and procedures to provide a safe learning environment for students. The goal is to create a safe learning environment for your classroom where students feel supported and making mistakes is enjoyable and acceptable. Every Friday, my class participates in a challenging team-building activity that helps them set and follow rules, respect others, and work and play with students from other backgrounds. This activity is designed to encourage students to pay attention to every student in the class and notice the things around them during the week. If your group is shy or your students are more introverted, you can ask the person who makes a mistake to wear a silly hat-until the next person fails. Do you have a favorite activity that stimulates creativity or creates a safe learning environment in the classroom? Please let us know in the comments section. Laura has taught for 20 years in middle school, 3 years in high school, and has taught workshops for teachers. Our young students need to use them to succeed academically and in the job market, especially now that technology is advancing so quickly. It allows students to participate in class without fear of being judged or criticized. Experience it until your students feel at ease and receive applause from the whole group. Learn more about how to communicate with your students through simple creative exercises. Start by placing your students in a circle or row and asking each student to name a color out loud. Every Monday, do something different as part of your daily routine and ask students to guess what it is. In February 2006, the late Sir Ken Robinson gave a TED talk on “Do Schools Kill Creativity? That was 14 years ago, and since then, time seems to have stopped in education. Divide the class into teams of four or five students.