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Sign up for a free 1:1 live lesson at eChineseLearning! Our academic coordinator will contact you within one working day to arrange the free lesson. Mike: Bob zhǐ yòng bàntiān van shíjiān jiù bǎ zhègè yóuxì wán tōngguān le. Based on the conversation we learned that Bob is very good at games and that Lucy praised Bob. Mike tells Lucy that Bob is an expert in a game. Enter the e-mail addresses of valid recipients. Enter the email addresses of the recipients. This article cannot be emailed. In the meantime, we have sent the 11 Mandarin eBooks to your email address. Whoa! Tā zhēnshì gè yìnghé wán jiā. Mike: It only took Bob half a day to complete all levels of the game. You can download them from your email. You have successfully emailed this article. If you are not redirected within seconds, click here.