Your Dreams – Commercial owners also have the opportunity

Commercial owners also have the opportunity to play the Nintendo arcade series at home for the first time: VS Tennis VS Wrecking Crew, VS Balloon Fight, etc. This shows that Hamster’s work is not limited to delivering good old games, but is in the realm of true historical significance: an interactive museum of arcade history at your fingertips. So, in addition to all the little arcades, little consoles, mini-notebooks and bouncy games and increasingly expensive watches that any company with minimal interest and rights to an object or person wants in its pocket, the Nintendo Switch is the best of all, a true retro recreational paradise for portable gamers, already home to some of the most legendary, complex and avant-garde releases of all time. Tell us below what video game classics you’ve discovered or first discovered on Switch, and tell us what video games you’d like to see on Switch in the future. There’s no doubt that Switch has the best overall representation of all arcade games on all systems today, thanks to Hamster, M2 and the various compilations mentioned in the article. Unfortunately, Sega is still ignoring most of its best arcade efforts, but yes, Switch has a fantastic collection of arcade games in general and, combined with a good arcade stick, it’s a lot of fun. From classic arcade games to Nintendo exclusives, the wide range of non-SNC arcade games that were once found only in the best arcades or locked away in expensive imported collections includes an impressive selection of hits from big-name publishers like Namco, Konami and Taito, as well as underrated industry legends like Seibu Kaihatsu, Irem and Jaleco. They are so important to arcade games that Switch is by far the best official place to play arcade games. It’s funny because all those retro compilations, arcade files, Sega-Age, etc. are also available on the PS4, so Switch doesn’t exclude the glorified arcade console. Since most arcade games are based on high scores, having those scores means I will play them much more often than if they were just grouped together in a collection. Konami Arcade Classics, Darius Cozmic Collection, Atari Flashback Classics, and many others give you the opportunity to dive into your favorite releases of their themed collections and learn more about old games that you might have missed if you had stumbled upon a simple purchase screen and the opportunity to spend money on something familiar, giving forgotten games a second chance. To honestly answer your question, the best place to play arcade games today, unless you’re an avid wizard, is on a MiSTer FPGA connected to a CRT screen. I bought all the Neo Geo games and many of the classic arcade games, and it’s really annoying not having a way to organize those games in folders. Saturn is still my favorite arcade game, with some schmups like Radiant Silvergun and Cotton 2, as well as Power Drift, Sega Rally, and many fighting games.