Nintendo Toys Coming – Wow I live in the US so I’m sewn

Wow, I live in the US so I’m sewn up, even if I were here I wouldn’t go to Burger King I don’t like the burgers there and those toys look bad, maybe the Mario and Luigi builder, but the others suck. Burger King toys are the main reason our country is being destroyed by pollution. Look at the toys below and plan how to tell Burger King waitresses “these are for my kids, they’re very real.” We don’t know exactly what the toys do, but the assortment includes Link’s Awakening, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario Maker, Mario Kart and Splatoon. I wish Burger King had more toys in my country. It’s also about the emissions caused by the production of plastic toys, which could have been made from renewable or recycled materials. The last good “licensed” Nintendo toys I remember from both networks were the Pokémon soft toys from the first movie. They can’t give you plastic straws, but they keep giving you those disposable plastic toys. The only reason they didn’t release them sooner was because of Burger King’s PS5 commercials. I don’t understand the hatred of plastic toys. I would feel obligated to go to Burger King if I did. We can keep the toys safe without harming the environment. I’m genuinely glad they’re not in the US.