Global Snapshot – Download the Global English Proficiency

Download the Global English Proficiency Snapshot report for detailed information on case studies and average English proficiency in these countries, and for more information on the state of English proficiency around the world. The Global Snapshot of English Proficiency report reveals fascinating trends and data on the state of English proficiency among those who took Versant tests in various countries. North America and South Asia achieved the highest levels of English proficiency. Thus, analysis of data on the performance of Versant test takers can provide a detailed picture of the state of English proficiency in the world. The data represent the level of English proficiency of those taking the Protest test and are not representative of the English proficiency of any country or region as a whole. You will find information on the oral and written language skills of Versant test takers, as well as their progress. Based on our results, we produced a report called the Global English Proficiency Snapshot. As a result, recruiters and hiring managers are turning to Versant’s English language tests. Southeast Asia and South Asia, the regions where Versant Writing is most prevalent, are in the middle range of average performance. These stories highlight the most interesting facts about English language learning trends we have seen in these countries. Companies around the world are increasingly looking for employees with high levels of English proficiency who can communicate effectively in a professional environment. Overall, all three countries have made progress in English language learning and appreciation, despite their own challenges. The report examines the results of non-native English-speaking candidates seeking a job or a place in a language program. The majority of Versant users cited in the report are companies, call centers, universities, and language training centers.