Adventurer Bundle – The Soroboreans expansion includes a

The Soroboreans expansion includes a new faction and a new quest line, giving players a new adventure in Aurai! It’s not an easy ride, as the new corruption mechanics should create big problems for impulsive explorers. The three brothers will play an important role in Aurai’s timeline: they will help rebuild the former Sirocco refugee camp and provide a new home for the unfortunate inhabitants of Aurai, the new Sirocco. Outward offers thrilling role-playing combined with survival gameplay, providing a great challenge for avid single-player or online co-op players. The Adventurer pack includes the acclaimed Outward game and its two expansions, Soroboreans and Three Brothers. Outward is neither a god nor a chosen one. New weapons, abilities and many other gadgets help “him” on “his” uncertain journey into the unknown. Microsoft can earn affiliate commissions when you click on a link and make a purchase. There are many dangers along the way.