Presentation Tool – During the ESAP phase we provide

During the ESAP phase, we provide student feedback and supervised practical exercises using the presentation tool in the MyEnglishLab interactive environment ishLab interactive environment is that your students will find interactive online exercises with instant feedback – and save a lot of time. In this first step, we should encourage students to remember their memories, as this links them to previous lessons and helps them feel more confident during lessons. In the third phase of ESAP, we encourage students to activate their target language. They can also use traditional homework methods when they ask students to write reports, answer questions, record videos in mini-language, etc. This phase can include a variety of activities, all designed to help them practice and self-repair what they have learned in the classroom. So let’s see how it works, divide each step of the process and see how it can help you plan and run effective online courses. ESAP provides a simple framework for effective online courses. We will boost your interest by building on your existing knowledge and the language you have already practiced in previous courses. This phase warms your students and prepares them for learning. Combined with the MyEnglishLab platform, teachers from all over the world can save time on planning and organizing, offer interesting lessons and measure their students’ progress. Then ask your students some questions in the open classroom. They give feedback on their oral and written products in a more free and controlled practice. With twenty years of experience in educational publishing, I have helped organizations introduce and implement products and technology solutions in local and international education markets. Our goal is to involve our students in the content of education from the first minute. This is a framework that has been developed for online education – and it is particularly relevant today.