Wiz Quest – Wiz Quest for Magic Lantern is the new 2D side

Wiz Quest for Magic Lantern is the new 2D side scroll action platform for Commodore Amiga. Wiz Quest for Magic Lantern has that little charm most 2D games lack. Fortunately, the Magic Quiz for Magic Lantern pays attention to it. In Wizard you take control of the last old wizard and must find the Magic Lantern before it’s too late. He is not powerless in “his” quest, because “his” magic book and potions are at “his” disposal. The time has come for game journalism to take its place as a true source, not as a free advertising for fanatics. One area that most names in this genre are confused with is, for example, jump animation. They made the game available in both digital and physical formats. To perform this task, you will need all the tricks you can think up, because the world that awaits you is dangerous. Resume the current animation, again with additional images for “your” nose and hat. In many other games of this type of animation just do not perform. Of course, the physical format comes with add-ons, like a well-designed box. There is also a knee bending animation when your wizard lands. This is a clue that our friends at Indie Retro News have been collecting for some time. They know that not everyone has a Commodore Amiga computer running.