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During the first part of her educational career, she worked in language schools, where she taught mainly to young students and young people, and then devoted herself to other areas of training in English as a foreign language, including English for exams, business English and teacher training. In recent years, she has focused on teaching exams and creating educational content and now works as a teacher and teacher trainer in Cambridge. With 15 years of experience in education, assessment and educational publications, she combines this first-hand knowledge with certified training in wellness practices to help educators and students find inner peace in a stressful world. He has been teaching general English for over twenty years and is preparing for the exam. Every teacher who helps students prepare for an exam must understand the exam. She is a CELTA trainer and has given teacher training courses in the UK and abroad on topics such as training trainers, the use of technology in the classroom and help with exam preparation. We demystify the practice of attention, explore directly the neurosciences behind stress in exam situations and explore the attention exercises you can do with your students. He is currently working as an international teacher and teacher, which gives you many opportunities to develop and elaborate new ideas for teachers and students. We look for techniques to avoid repetition and motivate students with mixed skills and abilities. We are looking at how to carry out more varied common tasks and how to adapt these activities in a more student-centred way. In this webinar we will explore how we can offer lessons to develop students’ language skills and prepare them for the exam. If a teacher is unable to manage student performance and perform other exercises with valid feedback, students will suffer. Join our online training programme to help you and your students take a holistic approach to exam preparation.