Kasia Janitz-De La – It’s important for teachers to have as

It’s important for teachers to have as much contact with parents as possible, and to be very clear about the benefits of reading and how they can create a reading routine and help their children read at home,” says Casia Janiz-De La Rue, manager of the Pearson Elementary School Secretary. For more information and activities on reading with kids at home, see also our blogs: 7 Reading Strategies for Elementary and High School Students and 10 Tips to Make Reading Fun for Kids. When parents see their children take their reading to the next level, they will undoubtedly see their love of reading grow. It can help them relax and unwind. Reading a book can just make kids laugh and make them happier. Listening to stories also exposes children to a rich and extensive vocabulary. Reading just before bedtime is a good idea, as there is a link between nighttime reading and improved sleep in children. But how can teachers encourage parents to encourage their children to read more at home? We explore some strategies that can be used. We remind parents to focus on their children’s reading comprehension using strategies such as predicting, questioning, explaining, and summarizing. We encourage parents to take time to read. This can help children gain confidence and gradually introduce them to a level of authentic reading. For example, the Education Foundation offers a multilingual, translated guide with tips for reading at home with children. Parents can play audio to read and listen with their children. No matter how long reading takes, even 10 minutes of quality reading can make a big difference. Studies show that children who read at home can improve their reading skills in school and their overall well-being. Encourage parents to find out what type of reading their child is interested in by going to the Pearson Reader website and showing them available reading materials. Parents can take turns predicting with their children what the story will be like and what will happen next.