DARIUSBURST SP Second – The biggest problem with mobile

The biggest problem with mobile platforms is just finding good side-scrolling shooters. Unfortunately, side-scrolling shooters have fallen off the radar of fans and programmers. I’m a big fan of side-scrolling shooters like DARIUSBURST SP. It’s time for game journalism to take its rightful place as a real source, not as fanboys who provide free advertising. Let me know in the comments what your favorite side-scrolling shooter games are. DARIUSBURST SP is just one of the mobile versions and already has an edge over the competition. DARIUSBURST SP is perfect for people like me, or those new to the genre. It’s not a “hell of a” shooter, as they tend to be air rollers. This article is archived in the “Hive Game” section of the blockchain blog. For those unfamiliar with the series, DARIUS was introduced in North America as SAGAIA. Later came DARIUS Twin for the Super Nintendo. DARIUSBURST SP for mobile is interesting. The developers adapted the controls for touchscreens and added some elements. SP mode also includes new enemy screens and redesigned boss fights. For me, DARIUSBURST SP has an advantage.