Academic Coordinator – Maybe this time of year is the

Maybe this time of year is the perfect time to do your “terrible” Chinese good! But besides all Halloween jokes, it is very important to remember that each person has a slightly different way of expressing himself, especially when it comes to emotions; it is worth learning different ways to talk about the same thing. Halloween is almost here, and you know what it means – time to fill it! Whether you jump with “Boo!” or come back with “Aah!”, it will be hard. As in English, there are many ways to describe places, people or things that scare you. A cool horror movie starts with one or two young people walking through a cold, dark and quite scary forest. Sign up for a free real time lesson at eChineseLearning! Our academic coordinator will contact you within one working day to arrange a free lesson. The first concerns “fear” in the traditional sense, the second concerns a deeper, almost spiritual fear that reaches the heart of the speaker. It is usually used to describe a feeling of fear or to express a kind of fear. You can also use the following constructions to tell someone that you feel anxious. It is usually used to describe someone or something that people are afraid of. Please provide valid email addresses for the recipients. nǐ de biipàn gěi wǒ de xīnlnng zaochéngle júdà de shānghài. Please provide the e-mail addresses of the recipients. There are different levels of “fear” or “fear”.