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New Playable Characters – Play for the first time in multiplayer and campaign mode with one of seven new characters from Rebellion’s Zombie Army series. Sniper Elite 3 and 4 are much better! Especially four! I know this game is old, but when it comes to “improvements”, the coverage system and the theft indicator should be better. In the dark days of the end of World War II, among the ruins of Berlin, an atmosphere can change the remastered history of the favorite of 2012, the shooter V2 Elite, you will be parachuted in World War II in Berlin in the middle of the final phase of the German formation. Authentic Sniping Game Features – Experience long-distance battles that have redefined a genre with advanced ballistics that takes into account gravity, wind, speed, ball penetration, target stability, and more. The game is a great remastering! But with all these “improvements”, they haven’t made the camouflage coverage and visualization system useful. You are the shooter Karl Fairburne, who parachuted to Berlin in the middle of the German final. Photo Mode – Stop and go through the action step by step, place the camera, apply a filter, adjust the lighting and take beautiful photos to share with the community. All new graphics and rendering technologies offer improved account details by destroying the X-ray camera. I really like it, although you can use a patch on the controls and sometimes the appearance must come off the cover, but the big game 4 is the price. Includes all the missions of the campaign in Solitaire, Dead Count, Bomb Race and surveillance modes.