Rosetta Stone® – Despite the fact that Poles are very

Despite the fact that Poles are very understanding foreigners who try to speak their language, we think it would be nice to give you some tips that you should consider on your way to Poland. Your colleagues will quickly show you a map and draw a line from northern Norway to the southern coast of Italy and the west coast of Portugal to the Ural Mountains surrounding the Polish city of Bialystok, where the two lines intersect. It may seem difficult to navigate in the Polish way of communicating with people, but here are some simple rules that make it easier to start a lively discussion with Polish friends, pretending that Poland is an Eastern European country and waiting for the storm to pass. Poles accept watches at face value, not just as an offer, so punctuality is mandatory. Getting to know new people and interesting conversation is perhaps one of the most important reasons to learn a new language. If you go to a Polish party, make sure that you do not sting your socks, as you will be asked to take off your shoes. Once you have found a way to talk to people, the next step is a physical greeting. Young people do not follow the most traditional protocol among themselves. But their knowledge of verbal conjugations or their extensive vocabulary may not be enough to protect them from social errors. In recent years, Poland has become very polarized, and seemingly innocent conversations can quickly lead to heated discussions and knock on doors.