Walking Dead – The Walking Dead: Survivors is a PvP tower

The Walking Dead: Survivors is a PvP tower defense strategy game based on The Walking Dead with comic book characters. The Walking Dead: Survivors includes built-in translation tools, so players from around the world can also work together in clans. You’ll find some classic moments from the The Walking Dead universe in The Walking Dead: Survivors as you build your clan to take on Negan. It will be interesting to see how The Walking Dead: Survivors performs at launch and how it continues to be supported after launch. Your goal in The Walking Dead: Survivors is to protect the city you’ve built from other players and hordes of foot soldiers. The Walking Dead: Survivors is scheduled for release this summer and will be available for free on iOS and Android. The main characters in The Walking Dead: Survivors are survivors with their own attributes and abilities. Check out the official The Walking Dead: Survivors website here. There are Combat Survivors and Developmental Survivors, and Survivors have similarities to Rick, Maya, Wayne, and others from the comics. Survivors in Development works to protect the city, and Survivors in Combat participates in combat. This will be the first mobile game featuring The Walking Dead since the recent Bridge Builder. It is currently scheduled to hit the App Store on April 16, but that date has yet to be officially confirmed. Bundle purchases range from different types of ruby packs to multiple “value” packs. You can pre-register on Google Play for Android here and pre-order on the App Store for iOS here. It looks like the Android version is already available in some regions.