Studio Ghibli-Esque – I love Studio Ghibli’s aesthetic with

I love Studio Ghibli’s aesthetic with the ghost train and the idea of a young girl finding her way in a confusing world full of difficult decisions. What Comes Next is a story-driven adventure game in which players play the role of Vivi. Tom is a passionate gamer, an aspiring novelist, an occasional existentialist, and a man with too many conflicting opinions. He writes stories, reviews and opinions, and is also the editor of Game Crater. This hauntingly beautiful adventure game comes to Switch in hopes of attracting a new audience. It tackles the heavy themes of love, regret, life and death, but does so with a mix of humor and philosophy. Players explore a train full of human, animal and plant souls on their way to the afterlife. What Comes After is a port of the Steam version released in November 2020. It received 92% positive reviews and some praise.