Arcade Heroes Exa-Arcadia – This game “exceeds

This game “exceeds expectations,” says Eric Jung, CEO of Exa-Arcadia “ShouTime”, but the news made many people from this country a little jealous when they had the opportunity to access the system. Since then, we’ve been closely following the evolution of the platform, which was aimed at reviving the arcade market with an old, but time-tested idea and modern improvements. The Exa Arcadia platform, also known as the EXA Board, was recently released in Japan with the Aka & Blue Type-R spiral launcher as a version. TAGS” Arcade, EXA Board, ExA-Arcadia, Infinos EXA, Kung Fu Vs. Already in February 2018, we published an article about the new equipment system, which was developed under the name Exa-Arcadia for arcades. The delivery date of the systems is called “Q4 2019”, which is possible at any time. We will keep you informed about the opening of pre-orders as soon as they arrive. Probably depending on the overall demand. News : Women