Lindsay Warwick – Teachers using our digital courses will

Teachers using our digital courses will benefit from new interactive tools integrated into our platforms to facilitate online teaching and learning. Whether you are teaching online, in person or preparing for a blended learning environment, we are here to help. A small percentage of teachers have noticed that they can continue to teach their students during curfews and in the summer, so there have been no losses in learning. When they go back to school and prepare for progress, we provide resources, materials and advice to help them prepare for the new learning environment and get their students back on track. It is clear that our respondents have mixed feelings when it comes to returning to school or teaching online. Others are concerned about the lack of government plans and support for students who continue their studies online. One person said that, although “he” had participated in several online workshops, “he is not yet sure that “he” will be able to give interesting lessons online”. “Another agreed, citing a lack of training and practice. One teacher explained, “Isn’t there a clear plan for my region or school if face-to-face meeting is not possible? Children will be disgraced by the lack of material. They gave us an idea of what teachers think, what they need and how we can support them if we plan to go back to school or teach in 2020. For more advice and online learning, read our Lindsay Warwick Online Learning Guide or watch this series of online learning videos from Dr Warwick. As you learn new online learning methods and use our specially adapted materials, you can also increase your confidence. If you’re wondering how to prepare for the new school year, our Student Tools page has lots of useful tips to help you feel comfortable. For more information and support, visit our school resources page. Others have said they are not sure if they can teach online or face-to-face. We found out that 53% of our respondents want to have more scaffolding materials to help them cope with their loss of knowledge.