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In this episode of Next Level Narrative, Anish Bhargav explores the human side of Celeste’s game design and why it’s one of his favorite indie games of all time. In the first episode of the Next Level Narrative podcast, I talk about some of the most memorable opening scenes in video games to see why they are so awesome. Aneesh Bhargav’s podcast about narrative design and storytelling in video games. For fans of video games, interactive fiction and the art of game design. The element of choice is what sets video games apart from any other narrative medium. But while many games use cheap gimmicks or boring tutorials, some developers have managed to find the formula for the perfect opening sequence. But it is the game’s incredible story that sets it apart from many other games in its genre. Celeste, an indie platformer released in 2018, is one of the most accurate descriptions of anxiety and panic attacks. The opening scenes can be the most challenging as well as the most important to the game. In this ten-hour campaign, we see protagonist Madeleine face the biggest challenge of her life: climbing Heavenly Mountain. Katana Zero is one of the most incredible platformers I have ever played.