It examines the roadmap on how teachers can identify the

It examines the roadmap on how teachers can identify the needs of their classrooms and shows how the course can help students achieve their learning goals as they progress through their learning journeys. Unlike many other textbooks that integrate skills and language, the Roadmap makes it easier for teachers to choose and select the best content for their students. The Roadmap has been structured to help you set realistic goals and prepare students for success, as each lesson in the series focuses on clear, concrete, communicative objectives. The roadmap is structured to help teachers personalize their lessons and share the benefits with their students. Ask students in your first class to look at the content page of your textbook and highlight the topics they are most interested in and the areas of language or skills they most want to work on. Students want a course tailored to their needs – after all, it is more motivating, relevant and interesting to learn something based on their interests. Here I will explain how we can help our students achieve their goals and go further, how personalisation can be a central element of their teaching. The participation of students in the learning process will also contribute to the development of their autonomy. The Roadmap offers teachers a course that they can adapt to each of their classes. For example, we can ask students not only to describe a room in their house, but also to close their eyes and use their imagination: Imagine that they are teenagers and that it is the first day of the summer holidays. This two-step approach allows teachers to tailor their lessons to the needs of their class. He is currently interested in using the urban linguistic landscape as a language learning resource and in acquiring skills through didactic materials. Another aspect of the roadmap that allows teachers to customize their classes is the flexible structure. Roadmap is a new eight-level flexible general English course for adults. For example, for most students, the transition from B1 to B2 in a single course is not an achievable goal.