Castlevania Grimoire – Last April Konami announced the

Last April Konami announced the exclusive Castlevania mobile: Grimoire of Souls, a game that allows you, as a selection of the legendary vampire hunters of the entire series, to play and confront enemies and bosses that have also been adopted in the series of classic Castlevania games. Our Musgrave Shaun took Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls to a test drive at the Tokyo Game Show last week and was very happy with the whole package. At the time its release was only confirmed in Japan, but earlier this year Konami confirmed “his” intention to release Castlevania: if you were afraid that a Castlevania game would work well on touchscreens, let me first tell you that I don’t blame you, but these concerns seem groundless. And the adventurers on our forums who used the soft release version to run also said good things about the controls and the game itself. Although I think any reasonable person would like to have a new title Castlevania full, it seems that this free version of mobile mashup is really much fun. This is the latest trailer for Castlevania: Grimoire des âmes. If you have an account at the Canadian App Store, you can check it yourself by clicking on this link here, otherwise I think the full global release is not far away. At the weekend we took another step in that direction, because the game will be released in the Canadian App Store without any problems. Some features of XenForo developed by Audentio Design.