Beautiful “ 自然的 – In jǐ de kǒu wèi géi yuán tāng jiā yán

In jǐ de kǒu wèi géi yuán tāng jiā yán rán hòu yòng wén diǎn maln dún. Around Big Snow there are a large number of citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, navel oranges, and snow oranges. According to relevant statistics, the average temperature in northern China is between -20 and -5 degrees Celsius after the passage of heavy cold air, while southern China has seen an increase in precipitation and frost. The arrival of the Big Snow reflects the fact that temperatures are getting colder and precipitation is increasing. When the Big Snow arrives, all families begin to pickle and store their food in salt. Southern Chinese such as Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, and Chongqing make sausages, which are an important part of the preparation for the spring festival. Frost occurs when snowflakes falling from the upper atmosphere turn into rain in the intermediate atmosphere, where they end up as super-cooled water droplets in the lower atmosphere. In general, frosts occur in northwest and northeast China, as well as in many areas near the Yangtze River basin from November this year to February next year. zhèng fǔ ke yǐ tōng guò kòng gòu lái tiáo jié shì chǎng de píng héng. zhè shì yí gi zì rán zī yuán fēng fù de guó jiā. Winter consumption of tonic stimulates the metabolism and immune system and improves the frequency of colds caused by uncomfortable colds. It’s a good time to feed your body in the Big Snow.