Open Arms – Fomento warns: if the Open Weapons operating

Fomento warns: if the Open Weapons operating between Italy and Malta refuse to obey orders, “they will order their return to port to make effective the paralysis of their behavior. Rackete broke Italy’s policy of closing ports and demonstrated how dysfunctional the European system is: only when other countries accept immigrants from Libya does Italy allow ships to dock. 900.000€. This is the sanction that could fall on Open Arms, the ship operated by the NGO of the same name, if it sails on the high seas to save migrants. The rescue of a refugee off the Libyan coast and its transport to Spain implies rescue and landing points too far away, says Fomento, “procedures related to rescue operations”. The ship had rescued more than 700 migrants at sea after their transport sank and was vehemently rejected by Matteo Salvini. Several months ago, the government had already informed Open Arms of its inability to operate in the Central Mediterranean. A year ago, the new government of Pedro Sánchez opened the Spanish ports to the humanitarian ship Aquarius. While the law of the sea requires the support of a driver, the Spanish government assumes that it does not apply to certain “search and rescue operations. The ship will be able to save wrecks “occasionally”, but not only for the purpose of collecting migrants, why? Open Arms operates under the Spanish flag, so it is subject to Spanish law. Salvamento Marítimo has been restricting its permits for months and the executive has advised against disembarking in Spanish ports. Sign up to receive the latest and most important news every day to understand and enjoy the world. Without Italy’s permission and with Spain’s obvious hostility, your chances of regretting are limited.