| Rosetta Stone – I decided to return to the United States

I decided to return to the United States a few months earlier, but it was time to get gas after my Christmas trip to Wisconsin Spain. But now that I’m a few months away from my return to the United States, I have to admit that I donated some things, and I’m sorry to have donated, especially the two coats I had – a handmade shiny pink wool coat that I bought in the Canary Islands mountains and a large vintage Aztec blazer coat that I brought from Wisconsin. Exactly three weeks and a day to pack everything I wanted to take with me and solve all my problems, I would never have been able to do this without the extensive use of my phone application Notes to create a complete list of things to do in both countries. Surprisingly, choosing my outfit was the easiest part of packing and moving, as over the years I became a habit of regularly checking my closet and handing out anything I wasn’t wearing, something I didn’t like or didn’t fit. My good friend was going to move into my apartment, so I left “her” bigger things that I bought, such as my oven and kitchen utensils, and a shelf in my bathroom. I researched several shipping companies to find out how much it would cost to send the boxes back to the U.S., but it turned out that the cheapest route would be to bring as many suitcases as possible on the return flight. This allowed me to cancel my cell phone and internet contract with a lot of time, as I had to ask them to process the cancellation and give me a confirmation number to schedule a meeting with the router. However, I only bought the return flight after Christmas and fortunately received a cheap one-way ticket from TAP Air Portugal, which made it easier for me to check in extra luggage for a small fee. Before that I was disappointed with finding a job, feeling that people would not give me time of day because I still live in Spain. After spending eight years abroad, I naturally expected to be stabbed in the back by a reverse cultural shock when I return. Working in the United States was my top priority, which seemed to shock people for some reason, but I could not imagine going back to Wisconsin and taking root on my parents’ sofa. This is the real way: everybody comes back for different reasons, everybody comes back for different scenarios, and everybody treats the feelings associated with such big changes differently. In addition to the list of homework, the homework program proved to be very important so that I do not cause myself unnecessary pain or trouble. Ask me anytime, any day, and I will tell you that moving abroad is the best thing I have ever done.