Board Game – Instead of news and reviews Ludology explores

Instead of news and reviews, Ludology co-founder Jeff Engelstein‘s Dice Tower podcast that explores the math and science behind games. Episodes of GameTek Classic were broadcast on the Dice Tower podcast, and other GameTek episodes were recorded specifically for Ludology. Ludology is part of Dice Tower, the leading support network for board games. A Biography of Board Games is a series hosted by Scott Rogers that explores the history of classic and modern board gamess. I used to work at Dice Tower, but have since moved to Ludology full-time. Our goal is to make most episodes of Ludology timeless. That’s why we invite you to explore our entire catalog. Scott dives into the story of the making of Richard Garfield’s hit game, King of TokyoLudology In the weeks when there isn’t a main episode of Ludology, we alternate between two smaller mini-episodes. Do you have your own ideas for our topics? We encourage you to join our guild on Boardgamegeek to discuss them.