New Japanese Learning – This guide is intended for advanced

This guide is intended for advanced Japanese students who want to study at a university or college in Japan and for those already studying in Japan and who want to improve their reading and thinking skills in Japanese. Necota Japanese Language Classroom is assroom is a YouTube channel for students studying Japanese at various JLPT levels. Among the topics they cover are “advice on whether a girl likes you”, “the pros and cons of living in Tokyo” and “things to keep in mind when someone takes you with them”. “These comic books are designed for Japanese people, so they give an interesting insight into Japanese culture, society and perspectives. In general, the book is intended for people who have completed TFPL N4 or have the skills to make the most of it, but the content is written in simple Japanese using furigana. If you are reading it in scroll mode, you can read the Japanese version before checking your knowledge with Kanji Lectures and translations. This book is designed to help foreign residents acquire the basic Japanese communication skills they need to work and live in Japan. While some materials, such as the introduction and the authors of the book, have been translated into English, Portuguese and Vietnamese, the main content was written in Japanese without translation. Have you heard of Scripter? The book has been around for quite some time, but it has been undergoing significant updates lately, so we wanted to see what it was about. Skritter is mainly an application for learning how to write Japanese characters. It uses video clips that have been made for Japanese news channels and reports on current events in Japan on various topics, including politics, natural disasters, crime, trends and more. The author is a native Japanese speaker, Akkiee, who runs the Japanese channel YouTube 三本塾.

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