VS 了解 – 了解” means “understanding” in a general broader and

了解” means “understanding” in a general, broader and even superficial sense, but “理解” indicates a deeper understanding. Here, “understanding” means that the speaker understands what is happening at a deeper level than the facts that are known to all. In this case, “understanding” simply means knowing his name, knowing what he likes, perhaps even that his work, and so on. However, there is a difference: “了解” has a broader meaning and scope than “理解”. In English you can say “I get it” or “Can you understand this?” or “She understand that”, etc. zhè jiàn shì shuāngfāng dōu yǒu cut, dàjiā xiānghù lǐjiè ynxià. Register for a free live lesson on eChineseLearning! Our academic coordinator will contact you within one working day to arrange a free lesson. 2. zhè jiàn wǒ zuò cutle, xīwàng nǐ ______ynxià. 1. wǒ xué zhonwén shì wèile gèng nǐ de______ wénhuà. Enter the email addresses of the recipients. In other words, more superficial information about superficial things. As in English, there are different ways to understand something in Chinese. wǒ lǐjiě tā wèishéme zuò. Meanwhile, we have sent you 11 eBooks in Mandarin by e-mail.