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This is part of the strategy that makes Hyper-Casuals successful, and all major Hyper-Casuals editors like Ketchapp, Voodoo, Appsolute Games would release at least one game per week. Remember Ball Blast? The ultra-reactive movement of the weapon that closely follows your finger, the return of the bubble and how it bursts into smaller bubbles, the effect of the temporary bonuses in the game and, of course, the upgrades – all these elements work together to provide happy feedback throughout the game. During work, I often take breaks in the form of short game sessions on my phone and rely on hyper-casuals because I know I don’t have the time or environment to play something “complex”. Once you start the game, you will see the game screen that says “swipe to shoot”, and this is the only game tutorial you have received. An attractive central loop combined with bonus enhancement elements is the most necessary ingredients for a fun and hyper-legal game. Instead of an infinite range of gameplay, they divide the experience into custom levels where each level has something unique, with a growing challenge, generating a curiosity that encourages players to continue and “beat” the game. The same goes for this nice game called Stack by Ketchapp, which also starts on the game screen and allows the player to start the game by typing anywhere. And if you let him compete with his friends, like most games on a scale, things become personal and competitive – another way to bring him back into the game. Since the game requires the player to be fast and precise in “their” moves, the entire game system has been designed to excite the user in terms of effects, challenges and problem solving. If you’ve managed to create a game with a fun game hook and the players love it, you know it’s probably the only thing they’re interested your game. Imagine a platform game where the character jumps, but when he lands, there is no animation to convey the change of state or the dust on the ground where he lands, imagine how strange and boring it would be. For those who have lived under a rock in recent years, a hypercasual game is an ultra easy game that offers an addictive game loop, combined with minimalist art, and that is generally playable with nothing more than a piece of screen. And not only is it limited to the actions of the game, but it can also satisfy the user through the user interface using relevant and subtle effects and animations.