Pointvoucher Games – – Tuborg has just launched a new

Tuborg has just launched a new branded game in collaboration with the Pointvoucher.com marketing platform for mobile games and vouchers. A new mobile game from TAL ORDENTLIGT has joined the Pointvoucher platform. A new mobile game has joined the Pointvoucher platform. The theme park Blackpool Pleasure Beach has not only become famous for its legendary tours and shows, but also for its efforts to offer its customers an exciting and the latest entertainment experience. The second oldest and most exclusive theme park in the world, the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, can also be discovered on your mobile device. We haven’t made any changes to the voucher shop yet and would like to give you a quick overview of the shopping and the market. During the race on the track you can play for Tuborg sponsored gift vouchers and lottery tickets.

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