Mages Is – Will you defend what is most sacred or will you

Will you defend what is most sacred, or will you drown it in blood? Fight, die, fight again! Human life is worthless when waves of chaos sweep the shores of order. There will be dozens of hostile worlds and races, hundreds of unique events, thousands of intertwined destinies and stories, and you will have to take all the risks and make all the right decisions. Think and rule! Mittelborg requires your unrelenting vigilance, Chancellor. Various events will force you to make difficult decisions. Who will you sacrifice: the warrior or the wizard? To execute or to save? Will you spend airs to repair or upgrade weapons? Power is a heavy burden. Monsters, nomads, mercenaries, undead and rebel spirits, chaos never sleeps and besieges the universe. It is better to shed a gallon of blood than to lose a leaf from the tree of order. Music, the mighty magical ruler, your rule is accompanied by 10 original orchestral soundtracks. Middleborg is the heart of this world, and thousands of swords point to it. Gather resources, prepare for storms, keep guards on the walls and wizards in the towers. You’ll hone your strategy and keep all the previous experience, making it a little longer this time. Microsoft can earn affiliate commissions when you click on a link and make a purchase. While a lot of blood is spilled, don’t forget what’s at stake. You’re off on a long and dangerous journey. The world is vast. It’s easy to die here, and no one worries about tomorrow. Every rebirth is a new knowledge.

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