Global Scale – If you want to improve classroom management

If you want to improve classroom management, introduce new ideas such as mediation to your students or help them learn more independently, now is the time to start preparing. There are many different topics based on assessment; from the role of the Global English Scale in assessment to the future of AI in education, there really is something for everyone. Creativity is best achieved when we are relaxed and happy, so the holiday season is a good time to discover new approaches in our teaching practice. Every Tuesday we have a free webinar about how you can use Pearson English in your classroom and how you can change the lives of your students. We invite you to discover some of our key resources to help you make the most of your free time and learn new skills when you’re not at the beach. You’ll find more in our list of 7 great podcasts to hear from your English teacher. Tell us what the future holds for you in learning and teaching English online. I started with advertising, then switched to marketing. I was lucky to work in all areas of education, from early childhood and SEN to top magazines. Watch Pearson’s English podcast, there are some great episodes to discover. Amy Malloy, founder of No More Shoulds Oxford, is exploring how to integrate all attention into English language teaching. She helps you get your students to know and understand what they need to learn and what they need to do to improve. School holidays are a good time to stop and think about what has been going on during the year. It is also a good time to promote your professional development goals and to think about your educational career. Based on twenty years of experience in educational publishing, I have helped organizations to introduce and implement products and technology solutions in local and international education markets. We hope that you have found something interesting that will give you new ideas for professional development and prepare you for the new academic year. What does this mean in practice for course planning, monitoring progress and preparing students for their professional future? For more information, click here.

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