Arcade Heroes UNIS – With the UNIS Showcase 2020 virtual

With the UNIS Showcase 2020 virtual event to be held next Wednesday UNIS is raising the curtain for one of its upcoming games and we have the first preview of this new game. The event will feature a number of commercial video games, UNIS’s elite mall park concepts and even some options for home users, including something new for Atari PONG tables and even the company’s first game console for home games. Here’s the official console image that we’ve already seen jokingly at the bottom of the miniatures. As you can see, the game uses weapons that have become unusual in modern arcade games with weapons. More detailed information about the game will be announced on October 21 at the virtual event UNIS Showcase 2020, where there are still free places for those who want to participate. I am a huge fan of video games and since 2008 I have had my own game room The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, Utah. It’s called “Elevator Invasion” and it’s an exclusive light weapons arcade game in which you play as two agents on a mission to destroy an army of deadly robots at the same site, and use the elevators to navigate through levels from light to complex. The game itself is a new game developed by UNIS, in which the body and various elements of the game are strongly influenced by the PDA. In the game there are new characters, robots instead of people, a new plot, updated graphics, screen markers targets, combo-points and so on. Although they are known for the redemption of video games and their content, often only video games are published. EADP became popular in some areas, but most Western players have never seen it or played it, as it was released only in a limited number of cases in the West at the time. I will inform you about these and other new game announcements. Arcade hero, is this not only a parade of Taito’s death, but also a new look? Well, more or less. This is not a reboot, not a sequel or remake, but a deal between Taito and UNIS. Within this show, the company will present many new opportunities, which we hope will be one of many titles.

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