Arcade Heroes Raw – Described by Raw Thrills as a “unique

Described by Raw Thrills as a “unique off-road battle race” game, it is an exclusive arcade game in which you take control of a truck belonging to one of the 14 race teams. If we go back a moment in time, to 2011, many will remember the last time we saw Dirty Drivin‘ That, an off-road racing game developed by Specular Interactive for Raw Thrills, something we’ve already covered in detail in our daily lives. However, you don’t feel like you’re riding a motorcycle, and one thing that makes this game good behind any other Raw Thrills Racer is destructive physics with vehicles. Because our first revelation is something that Raw Thrills – “his” last race title – recently scoffed at: Nitro Trucks. I don’t mind seeing something that doesn’t bother me, although I understand the added value a license can bring to a game, at the same level, it’s satisfying to see how developers are totally creative when it comes to developing something from scratch. Nitro Trucks uses a design variant of Cruis’n Blast, with a partial casing to play with the anti-tip bar. An important point different from Dirty Drivin is the attack system – you only have one “weapon” of a kind instead of a lot – the ram of the truck. Of course, it’s not the first off-road game to adorn the arcades, but such titles weren’t very common either. You can buy a “Truck Upgrade” after choosing your truck; you also win one for the first place, although I don’t really know what that means, apart from giving it a cleaner look. Let’s start with the first element that people will see from the game when they find it in a games room, the closet. I’ve always been a video game fan and I’ve been running my own game room, The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, Utah, since 2008. When you come across walls and other trucks, there are a lot of “vehicle guts,” as I would call them, with pieces and sparks of trucks flying everywhere. I didn’t see any shortcuts and had the impression that there was a rubber band in the last round, but I had the impression that I was trying to catch up; it wasn’t absurd as I experienced it in other games that aren’t meant to be called. Something in the game resembles MotoGP, how the physics of the car works, it’s hard to put into words.

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