Arcade Heroes – It’s odd that they don’t mention Mario

It’s odd that they don’t mention Mario & Sonic Olympics 2020, an arcade game that has been available since last year and which they recently promoted on their social media. I’ve been a lifelong video game fan and have been running my own The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, Utah, since 2008. I think I should make another arcade game of the year, even though there have been a lot of complaints about people not being able to play these games the last few times. James Games Arcade was a fixture in the Southern California arcade landscape. Opened in 1978 by James Degner, it changed hands in 1982 and was sold to Rick Bakwe, who has been running it ever since. I finally got to work on my arcade trivia. Pandemic didn’t fail to deliver some sad news, and unfortunately we have to report another death in the video game world. The letter talked about further delays in game delivery, but some of the words in the last two paragraphs elicited strong reactions, such as no major updates for the next six weeks, no “remaining machines” and refunds for purchases. I haven’t followed the situation closely, but it seems odd that the company has made tons of vague but important promises, but is completely unable to provide simple updates showing that it has built cars. This is Newsbytes, a compilation of news from the world of arcade and pinball machines that I publish every weekend. I don’t know if they’ll be the next Skit-B pinball – I hope not, because this sort of thing is not good for the hobby or the industry in general – but they don’t seem to be doing themselves any favors right now. Before Samus Arana, there was Kissy, in a game that is still pretty obscure when it comes to 80’s arcade games. All of the videos I’ve shown on Super Nintendo World so far have been pretty short. If you want to check out Universal’s new theme park, check out this video from Paolo Frotocchio.

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