Arcade Heroes – I am a huge fan of video games and since

I am a huge fan of video games, and since 2008 I have had my own game room The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, Utah. Add to that the consequences of the pandemic – a month and a half without work, a huge downturn in business, frequent customers confuse me with bowling, and the prospect that JC Penny will close some doors, maybe forever, and it makes me think about other options. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been running slot machines in West Valley City, UT since the summer of 2008, and since the opening of the multi-million-dollar CCI next to my house in November last year, everything has been pretty awful for my slot machines. This little trailer does not tell you if the game content is different from the arcade version, but gives you a mobile chair, a bigger screen and more players. With this concept I did not have any RC cars at home, but Sega built a huge racetrack, equipped some RC cars with cameras, and they were connected to electronic gaming cabinets, where you could see the view of the car on the screen. Some of you may have seen some of my conversations this week in the media about the second place for my game room. If you, like me, are into video games, you may have noticed something very interesting in Nintendo’s latest mini-maker this week. Although I am taking some games from my current location to fill the room, I don’t want to get involved in my operation.

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