Arcade Heroes Exa-Arcadia – One surprise – who is working

One surprise – who is working on it – is a new development team called “TEAM EXA-AM2”. Exa-Arcadia brought together several talented people who have experience in the industry, although we do not know exactly who is part of this team. One of them is “an exact copy of the original”, while EXA LABEL offers a special balance that is easier to play for new users, while at the same time being a challenge for experienced players. I’m a former video game fan and since 2008 I’ve been using my own game room, The Game Grid Arcade, in West Valley City, Utah. As you can see in the pictures above, one of them is an addition to the EXA LABEL game mode; in total it offers 4 game modes, although only two are available during the test. Since then, some game details have been offered, but today the screen has been raised even more as the game will be tested in Japan on September 16th. Already in March, waves were made among the Shootem Up & Gaming communities when Exa-Arcadia announced that the new version of the popular DoDonPachi Saidaioujou from CAVE will decorate the platform. It also supports 16:9 landscape mode, such as Aka & Blue Type-R and other STG in EXA. The English flag has been translated by DoDonPachi True Death EXA LABEL. It was specifically designed for slot machines to give operators something more to have and win. Tests will take place between the 16th and 22nd numbers, but at the end of this period there will be more interesting information to learn.

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